Social Networking and Dating Sites

Our package is a complete social networking turn-key package including site design, script installation and configuration. The site will be a high-end social-networking application using PHP/MySQL. We will create custom graphics specially for your new site to make it stand out. It will also include live video chat, recurring member billing and enable your customers to create a customizable profile view, browse profiles, invite-tell a friend, create a personal media gallery (audio, video and pictures), personal blog, friends list, guest book, automatic photos upload system and much more. If you wish, we will add 3000 imaginary members so that your site will not look empty to the first visitors. After all, who would join a community site if there were no other members? It will have an admin page to allow you to add, edit and delete members, user-friendly administration system, approve and edit profiles and much more.

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The Live Video Chat Advantage

With so many community sites available you need a hook to make your site stand out. Our package offers live video chat along with all the standard features. Live video chat is not offered on many social sites, making your new site stand out. This will also solve the problem of members uploading false profile photos since members can video chat live, seeing the other member. This is a huge feature, one that will make your membership skyrocket.

You will have unlimited revisions to all designs until you are fully satisfied. I can also recommend a good hosting plan that will keep a large dating site with live video chat up and running. Construction time is two weeks.

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